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HHS Now Begging People to Use Terribly Unsecure

This is getting ridiculous. Anyone who has kept up on Obamacare at all knows that has barely worked and, worse than than that, is not secure. It’s an identity thief’s dream. Web browsers ought to be identifying it as an attack site. Anyone who uses that site and plugs in their personal information is exposing themselves to identity security problems. Yet here comes HHS begging people to come back and try out again — before it has been secured.

Federal health officials say they’ve started to reach out to early shoppers who may have given up on the broken website in the first few days after the Oct. 1 launch.

“Today, we’re beginning to send messages to those consumers who had account creation issues to let them know they can try again,” said CMS Communications Director Julie Bataille. The agency is planning to send emails to about 270,000 people this week, and will continue a wave of outreach efforts.

That’s Politico reporting, and missing a big story — 270,000 is hardly the “overwhelming traffic” that the Obama administration claimed had killed

But let’s set that aside. is not secure. HHS is not warning people that they’re using at their own risk, even though they are.

At what point will the mainstream media catch and realize that every time the Obama administration asks/demands anyone use the unsecured, it is asking them to put themselves at grave personal risk — just for the sake of propping up Obama’s failing policy?

Obama lied to get elected and to get Obamacare passed. Then he lied to get re-elected. Now his administration is selfishly putting its own flagging legitimacy above Americans’ own personal security. This ought to be a massive scandal.