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Caption Contest Winner: Is George Washington Crying While Obama Apologizes About Obamacare?

Credit: NBC News

Credit: NBC News


Thanks to everyone who participated in our latest Photo Caption Contest.

It was an extremely popular contest and the brilliance of our reader’s entries made it nearly impossible for the judges to pick one winner.

But we “Valley Forged” ahead anyway and awarded RockThisTown the Grand Prize for this historic and clever entry:

Washington thought bubble: “Valley Forge, Mt.Vernon, Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the United States . . . he didn’t build that.”

RockThisTown, who is one of our esteemed “Caption Kings” also submitted these two winners:

Mr. President, if we can’t keep our doctor, how is it fair that we have to keep our President?”

“If you like your apology, you can keep your . . . oh wait, never mind.”

Here are the rest of the winners in our very crowded winner’s circle.

Cfbleachers , another “Caption King” had four winners:

I cannot tell a lie…so, that’s why I have my propaganda machine do it for me…NBC.

Hey, look at the bright side…unlike Benghazi and Fast and Furious…nobody has died…YET…over these lies

How could I have lied! Nobody read the thing in the first place

I’m sorry, so sorry…cause YOU were such a fool…

Allan Crowson had three winners:

BHO: “If you like your current lie, you can keep it. Period!”

BHO: “Come on, play ball with me here, Chuck, and if you like your current network, you can keep it.”

[Washington (thought) bubble]: “I cannot tell a lie…but him? Yes, He Can!”

Zip Code had two winners:

(Thought bubble)  My Pony Express was faster than your Obamacare web site, so there!

The last time I told a fib I got a cherry tree branch to my back side and all he gets is TV time.


He’s not saying anything, He doesn’t want to be called a slave owning racist by the media.

Brian FitzGerald:

Portrait: “I could not tell a lie. But you cannot tell the truth, Sir.”

Freedom Ringer:

Barack Obama: “I apologize for what I had to do with health care, but it is all the fault of the guy over there, who mistakenly set up a country based on freedom instead of free stuff.”


Probably all former presidents are crying.


My wooden teeth vs your lying wooden tongue.

One of my favorites was from McGehee:

“For centuries they’ve called me the Father of My Country, but now I demand a paternity test!”

Finally, I have a thought bubble to add to this contest:

George Washington portrait: Why didn’t the “King of all Caption Kings,” Chris Henderson show up for this contest?  I had many highly-evolved inner thoughts about your current president that I wanted to share with him. 

With that in mind, will someone please find Chris Henderson the next time there is a photo worthy of a Tatler Photo Caption Contest?