Ombudsman Tells NPR Listeners to Stop Whining About Mara Liasson Being On FNC

Hive mind.

What to do about NPR’s national political correspondent Mara Liasson?

This is a regular issue raised by some NPR listeners who object to Liasson’s second role as a contributor to Fox News. They say that she, like Fox, tilts to the right.

“Would you please consider letting Mara Liasson go?” wrote listener Michael Duba in what is typical of the several complaints that come in almost every time Liasson does a story. “Her affiliation with the Tea Party channel and willingness to just go along with whatever is said by others on the fake news shows she appears on has ruined whatever small remaining shreds of credibility she had left.”

Joan Jones, of Madison, Wis., wrote, “If Ms. Liasson wishes to be respected, I suggest that she refrain from using Republican or ‘Tea Party’ talking points in her reporting. In her reporting on the Affordable Care Act in particular, you are obligated to go beyond the talking points to get to the truth of an issue.”

I have followed Liasson’s work closely for the last 10 weeks, through four of the most ideologically and politically contentious minefields imaginable. These were the considerations to attack Syria, the government shutdown, the threat of debt default and the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. As a national political correspondent, Liasson filed frequently on each. I also have looked at some of her contributions to Fox, where she is called on as an outside political expert.

My conclusion on Liasson’s work is simple:

Applaud her.


It’s refreshing that the ombudsman was so supportive, given the close-minded, pathetic nature of the intolerant groupthink fan base at NPR. This is a network that routinely interviews and fawns over the idiots from MSNBC.

Public broadcasting faithful always crow about the tax dollars they receive being such a small portion of the budget.

So why would they miss it if we stop wasting money on entertaining a crowd that hates the First Amendment?


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