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CNN: As Bad As You May Think Obamacare's Rollout Was, It Was Far Worse

CNN has obtained documents from the contractors that dealt with the October 1 Obamacare rollout. The documents reveal that rollout was even more of a Kafkaesque nightmare than anyone outside the rollout has been led to believe.

According to the war room notes: On day one, October 1, the system mistakenly rejected 90% of Medicaid applicants. The next day, estimates counted 40,000 people in the waiting room, while just 100 people had enrolled. By day three, it was clear that insurers were not getting the data for people who had signed up for their plans.

Systemwide issues were compounded by more isolated problems. On day six, Utah asked to shut down its exchange because the main insurance provider in the state had not been able to set up its template in the system. A few days later, on October 9, contractor notes say that the entire system has skipped some questions or information for 30% of all applicants.

A few days later, and another specific problem: insurers in Oklahoma were confused over whether they had to provide coverage for bariatric weight loss surgery (they didn’t, sparking the need for changes to some plans).

That’s a sample, there’s more in the full story.

Here comes a wet blanket. Obamacare is a disaster for the administration and some Democrats. But it may not actually change as many minds as it should. Allahpundit tweeted a link to this story, about a couple of “cradle Democrats” who have been hurt directly by Obamacare. They lost their insurance. Obamacare was the cause. Their replacement plan would cost more, carry a higher deductible, and have higher out-of-pocket costs. They’re trying to figure out how to afford Obamacare, which they were told by the president they support would not hurt them. They may even lower their income so they can qualify for the subsidies — welfare, more or less, for a couple who have worked their whole lives and continue to work into their 60s.

All of that is not enough to get through to them, though.

“We’re not changing our views because of this situation, but it hurt to hear Obama saying, just the other day, that if our plan has been dropped it’s because it wasn’t any good, and our costs would go up only slightly,” he said. “We’re gratified that the press is on the case, but frustrated that the stewards of the ACA don’t seem to have heard.”

It’s not that they haven’t heard. They lied from the beginning. But you’ll never convince some Obama partisans of that fact….    Battered Voter Syndrome?