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War On Boys Continues in Arizona School

An idiot headmaster has threatened an 8-year-old boy with expulsion for drawing Halloween costumes that depict weapons.

A couple pulled their sons out of Scottsdale Country Day School last week because they said the headmaster threatened to expel their 8-year-old for drawing “highly disturbing” pictures.

“In this situation, it’s actually the principal of the school who bullied the parents – so much that we couldn’t even be safe in that environment,” said Jeff, whose last name we’re omitting to protect the identities of his children.

The three images in question depict a soldier, a ninja and a Star Wars character – possibilities for the 8-year-old’s Halloween costume.

Drawing Boba Fett obviously means the kid is highly disturbed and a total threat to everyone around him. Drawing a picture of an American soldier is worthy of the academic death penalty.

During the meeting, the headmaster also showed Jeff his son’s journal, where the headmaster had highlighted words he found violent and unacceptable.

One passage about escaping a killer zombie at a haunted school read:

“I’d open the window, but, stand back quickly. Booby-trapped. Shoot the gadget – a rope gun – I’d swing across without getting hit.”

Many of the third-grader’s other journal entries were about saving the earth and protecting humanity.

In one passage, he wrote he’d like the ability to stop an atom bomb and stop bullets.

But Jeff said the headmaster told him he couldn’t guarantee the safety of other students with his son around.

Death of common sense. Zero tolerance. Schools that should teach the Constitution keep violating both the First and Second Amdendments.




Anyone who has a brain has to be tired of and disturbed by these stories by now.

As a boy I drew stuff like this all the time (badly). Just about every boy did. I was straight A honors program. Used to write little short stories about saving the world. Just about every boy did that too. I probably wouldn’t have made it past the sixth grade in today’s climate.

What would the school make of games like Warhammer, in which kids paint little figurines holding massive guns or blade weapons dripping with blood?


 That thing in his arms: Big, nasty machine gun.

I bet they wouldn’t like that game very much. Even though it teaches patience, creativity and strategic thinking.

Don’t even show them the new Call of Duty game, that just about every boy is playing as soon as he gets home from school.

Funny thing, today’s schools. They’ll give your kid condoms. Some of them will refer them to abortionists without notifying you.

But they’ll kick your kid to the moon for drawing a picture or — shudder — writing creatively. And they’ll bully any parents who object.

Here’s the school in question. It’s a charter school, indicating that failure has already been an option in the local schools. Charters are supposed to be refuges from crappy public schools.

Here’s the headmaster. Steve Prahcharov. Father of three boys himself. In a just world some bullying administrator will give him a dose of the foolishness he’s doling out now. But since he’s the bullying administrator, that’s not gonna happen.



We should re-write the National Anthem. As long as our schools treat boys this way, we’re already not the land of the free and soon enough we can’t be the home of the brave. You can’t raise brave men out of cowering children who are bullied out of ever expressing themselves. It can’t be done.