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Obamacare Just Cost 73,000 in Maryland Their Health Insurance

Maryland is a blue state that voted for Obama twice and has its own state healthcare exchange. Tens of thousands in the ironically nicknamed Free State are learning that voting for Barack Obama has its price. Baltimore’s WJZ reports that many Marylanders have lost their healthcare because of Obamacare.

Anchor Don Scott kicked off today’s segment, noting that “The Affordable Care Act is also prompting health care insurance companies to drop the policies of more than 70,000 Marylanders.”

For some reason, WJZ had reporter Mike Shuh out doing a live shot. Shuh brought the facts: “The number is around 73,000, and these are policies that do not meet the new health care standards, so people are getting notices that they are being dropped, some though are having trouble signing up for the new stuff.”

Transition to Brenda Nelson, who paid for her own insurance for two years. She was happy with her policy. She isn’t happy to have lost her healthcare. “It’s very frustrating, but it’s more scary because I’m thinking I’m not covered. So if something should happen I don’t know what I would do.”

In all, nine insurance carriers are dropping customers in Maryland.

As for the state’s healthcare exchange, well, it’s not working any better than the federal site. So the 73,000 Marylanders who are losing their coverage can’t replace it yet.