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Democrat Harkin: Government Forcing Us to Pay for Products We Don't Need Is America's New 'Values System'

So, this happened during today’s Obamacare hearing.

Obamacare forces young men and old people to pay for maternity coverage in their health insurance. It’s a ludicrous requirement that makes everyone’s health insurance cost more.

But to rich, old leftist Sen. Tom Harkin, that’s not a bug in Obamacare. It’s a feature, because it imposes his values on everyone else.

Harkin began his sermon: “I must say that there was a story the other day in the paper about somebody who said, ‘well gee, now I’ve got — I have to take this policy that covers maternity care. My wife and I aren’t having any more children.’ I don’t know, they were older or something like that. ‘Why should I have to have a policy that covers maternity care?’ I got to thinking about that. I thought well, you know what? Maybe because my wife and I don’t have any more children, and they’re grown up, maybe I should not have to pay property taxes to pay for my local schools, huh? Not my kids there anymore, why should I worry about it? Maybe only the people who have kids going to the public school ought to pay for it.”

Good question, actually. Property taxes mean that Americans never truly own our own homes. We can pay off the bank, but the government is still going to come around to take your money as the price of existing. If you fail to pay, the government can do nasty things to you. Harkin isn’t really interested in addressing that, though.

He continued: “No, we’re better than that in this country. We’re talking about being a part of our society. It is to our benefit. My wife and I could pay our property taxes to support our local schools, because that’s our next generation, we want them well taught, we want good paid teachers, well paid teachers. Same with health care. It’s a values system.”

Remember when Democrats claimed that you can’t legislate morality? Well, forget about it. Obamacare is leftists legislating their morality on everyone else. Whatever the price. Whoever gets hurt.

Harkin concludes with a leftist’s version of the altar call: “That is the new value system. And we’re not turning back. Fix the problems, move ahead, but let’s aggressively get people enrolled in this system, and have a new value system of health care in America.”

That’s how a tyrant sells his schemes.