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Oops: Thousands of Washington State Obamacare Customers Are About to Get a Rude Surprise

(Image: @GervaisTrivia Screenshot)

By way of Conservative Intel comes this story of delayed sticker shock:

Another issue of questionable data was disclosed Friday afternoon by Washington State, which revealed that 8,000 enrollees and applicants on its state-run Obamacare marketplace were told they were eligible for higher tax credits to offset the cost of their insurance than they actually qualified for. Washington said that in some cases its exchanges was transmitting those applicants’ monthly incomes to the federal data hub — which verifies subsidy eligibility — as opposed to annual incomes, which resulted in the erroneously high subsidy calculations. The problem has since been fixed, and Washington is in the process of notifying all of the affected people to give them the correct tax credit amounts.

What happens when these people suddenly find out that they’re going to be paying hefty prices for their “free” health care? Having opted in, can they opt out after they find out that they may not be able to afford what the government suckered them into buying?