US State Department Offers NO Reward for Benghazi Suspects

Fox reports on just how interested the State Department really is in catching the terrorists who killed four Americans in Libya last year.

The State Department’s “Rewards for Justice” program — which offers multimillion-dollar payouts for tips leading to wanted terrorists — does not include suspects in the Benghazi terror attack.

The State Department has not offered an explanation as to why those individuals are not on the list. Pressed by Fox News and The Associated Press on Thursday, spokeswoman Marie Harf suggested the important thing was that the Obama administration is resolved to find those suspects.

“This is nothing at all to do with politics. We’ve made crystal clear that we want to find these people and bring them to justice,” Harf said. “Whether we pay a couple million dollars isn’t the point — the point is we believe it’s a priority … and whether they are on a website or not doesn’t change that.”

She cited “classified deliberations” on who should be included in saying she could not answer whether the suspects were even considered for the list.


Marie Harf is paid to say lots of stupid things, so she says them. She probably doesn’t even realize just how stupid most of the things she is paid to say are.

To state the bleeding obvious, the Obama administration clearly doesn’t want these terrorists caught. It took weeks just to get the FBI on site to investigate. It pulled a strike team that had been in position to capture suspects out of Libya. Remember when the FBI distributed grainy, nearly useless photos that it said were of some of the suspects?

Obama’s government has shown no useful interest in catching these terrorists, and isn’t even offering a reward now. Clearly, it doesn’t want any tips coming in that might have to be acted upon. We can all speculate why, but it’s simply obvious that the Obama government has some motivation to allow those terrorists to remain free.


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