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Wendy Davis Consultant Matt Angle Lies About Robo-Call Group

Democrat strategist Matt Angle is a senior strategist on the Wendy Davis campaign for Texas governor. Watch him tell a lie. Watch the AP act like he didn’t.

AUSTIN — The Wendy Davis campaign is disavowing a robo-call asking people to donate to an organization called Foundation for Justice for All.

Democratic strategist Matt Angle said the group has ties to conservative groups and is not associated with the Davis campaign in any way.

Foundation director, Marquita DeJesus, told The Associated Press that her progressive group is making the calls and asking people who support Davis to give her foundation money.

Did you catch that? Angle pawned the robo-call off on “conservative groups.” But the foundation itself says it’s progressive. Its website is festooned with progressive politics — Obamacare support, a Trayvon Martin petition a big picture of Obama. There is nothing conservative about it. It took all of two seconds to Google it.

Unless Matt Angle is incapable of using Google, saying that the robo-call group is conservative is a lie.