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El Paso TV Station Can't Find One Local Person Who Has Successfully Signed Up for Obamacare

It’s too bad that Chad Henderson doesn’t live in El Paso, Texas. The entire national mainstream media industrial complex lauded the Organizing for America volunteer last week when he claimed that he had successfully signed up for Obamacare.

El Paso’s KVIA-TV tried to duplicate the media’s feat on the local level — it tried to find a single local person who had successfully signed up under President Obama’s signature law.

Failure ensued.

Reporter Stephanie Valle, noting that was taken offline over the weekend to get a grip on its massive glitchfest, told her station’s audience that the site still isn’t really working.

“ABC-7 got further in the process last week but then we got an error message and we haven’t been able to find one person who’s been able to shop for health insurance,” Valle reported.

There turned out to be less to Henderson’s story than the media originally reported, by the way.

Watch video of Stephanie Valle’s report here.