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The Only Man in America Who Successfully Signed Up for Obamacare Just Happens to be an Obama Volunteer

Meet Chad Henderson. He’s the only man in America to have successfully signed up for Obamacare. He’s an instant media celebrity.

“Something major happened to me today,” Chad wrote on his Facebook page on Thursday. “I get off of work and find that I have 120 new notifications on my phone. Come to find out…. a few of President Obama’s top advisers had shared my ObamaCare enrollment story with their Twitter followers and I had received much positive feedback along with some hateful feedback.”

Long story short: they contacted me and my story will be published along with a video interview on the President’s official advocacy website, Organizing for Action, and could possibly make it on the White House website.

Hmm… Odd that your average, apolitical youngster would understand the distinction between OFA and the White House. He does list “political activist” as one of his professional skills. No matter. I’m sure the media outlets that have taken an interest in his background will vet his background.

Henderson, a Tennessee resident, announced excitedly that he had been contacted by theChattanooga Times Free Press and his unique story would soon be gracing the pages of his hometown paper.

“I accept these offers with honor knowing that I am helping the President make history by bringing out the facts on Obamacare!!” Henderson declared.

“AND THE GREAT NEWS KEEPS COMING IN!,” Henderson announced two hours later. “other officials are still continuing to share my story including staff at CNN and a former adviser to President Bill Clinton!”

Never believe in coincidences. Not when we have a PR presidency at work.

It turns out Henderson’s knowledge of OFA was not the result of his astuteness or political acumen. According to his LinkedIn profile, he is a current OFA volunteer. Maybe those many media outlets who spoke with him will make note of this seemingly relevant fact.

Why would any mainstream media note that Henderson is an OfA bot? That would disrupt their narrative, and reveal how they all found out about him.