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MarketWatch: So, Was Anybody Able to Sign Up for Obamacare Today?

Fail. So…much…fail.

A quick check of all the state Web sites where exchanges have been set up — plus the site that will service three-fourths of the country — shows that it was virtually impossible to sign up on the first day.

MarketWatch went 0-for-51 in trying to apply online for Obamacare in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Well, really 0-for-15 for D.C. and the states setting up their own exchanges, and we also struck out on, which is handling applications in the other 36 states. Let’s call it 0-for 16.

For the most part, all the state web sites — from California to Kentucky to New York — were jammed with traffic, making efforts to get through impossible. Some Web sites warned right away that getting through was not an option, while others teased for a while before lowering the boom and sending an error message.

Obama would never have accepted such buffoonish performance from his campaign web sites.

Obamacare is not FEMA dealing with life-threatening storms and unforeseen natural disasters. Today’s Obamacare intro was a predictable event seen years ahead of time. Barack Obama has positioned himself as the champion of “smart government.” Under his watch, we have a shutdown government, because he has failed to take budgeting seriously for five years running, and we have a clown government that can’t even get a website right after having three years to prep the rollout.

Just wait until people get past the enrollment — supposing they ever do — and actually need health care from this monstrosity.