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Muslim Brotherhood Trots Out Christian Supporter(s) in New PR Campaign

Muslim Brotherhood Trots Out Christian Supporter(s) in New PR Campaign
Mike Love of The Beach Boys performs at the Ryman Auditorium on Jan. 24, 2017 in Nashville. (Laura Roberts/Invision/AP)

The Muslim Brotherhood’s PR arm is now claiming that there is an entire movement of pro-MB Christians in Egypt who love Mohamed Morsi and swear that the MB never incited its supporters to torch churches (the proof, however, is in the eyewitness reports of Egyptians both Muslim and Christian):

Coptic activist and journalist Rami Jan said that Christians were not subjected to any harm in the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood and that any President of Egypt has to establish dialogue with the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic groups and movements if he wants real stability for the country.

With regard to the “Christians Against The Coup” movement which Jan recently inaugurated, he said, in a telephone call with the satellite TV channel Al-Jazeera Live Egypt, “Members of this movement do not belong to any political religious stream.

“We represent the voice of truth in this country. The majority of the movement’s membership belongs to the mainstream liberal current that tells the truth in the face of any rulers whoever they may be. If the putschists dare arrest members of this current, too, as they do now all the symbols of the Islamic movement, that will be hammering the last nail in their coffin.”

Jan added, “I do not know what logic these putschists use… turning a blind eye to the massive numbers of Egyptians demonstrating against them in the street, even claiming that they are but a small ragtag mob, while stressing that Egypt’s renaissance will be on their hands within the year!

“Don’t they see the economic devastation suffered by Egyptians? What renaissance can be achieved in a homeland where a citizen cannot afford a kilo of potatoes?”

Incidentally, the only other reference I could find of “Rami Jan” was in another MB puff piece, claiming in April: “Journalist Ramy Jan has announced that nearly 1,000 Copts will apply to join the Freedom and Justice Party in the next few days, as a response to instigators of sectarian strife and in support of President Mohamed Morsy.”

Last week, I was a guest on Al-Jazeera (Arabic) to defend this recent full-page ad in the New York Times by American Egyptians for Justice, which states:

As seen in these photos, since August 14, 2013, dozens of churches and public buildings have been systematically attacked and destroyed by the Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters, which our U.S. Government refers to as “peaceful demonstrators”.  The Muslim Brotherhood is supported by Al Qaeda. Moreover, Hamas is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, which should not receive any of our support. After all, Hamas has been designated by the U.S. State Department as a terrorist organization. We supported Khomeini and Al Qaeda once, too.  When will we learn from our mistakes?

Tens of millions of peaceful Egyptians risked everything to stand up against the tyrannical rule of the MB and demand justice and equality for all Egyptians. They deserve the right to regain control of their country and create a true democracy that protects its citizens from tyranny, violence and inequality.

If you are outraged by the Muslim Brotherhood’s attack on over 90 churches and public institutions and their killing of innocent and unarmed civilians, join us in asking our government to acknowledge that there is nothing “peaceful” in their violent and deadly demonstrations and support the free will of the Egyptian people.

The Al-Jazeera host insisted that the NYT bore blame for running an ad that was “incitement” toward the MB. I spent the majority of my segment explaining why those accepting/rejecting ads at a newspaper wouldn’t see this as incitement, how we have free speech, press and religion in this country, and noting that per our wonderful constitutional right of free speech the MB is free to counter with their own ad. The host also characterized the ad as running false claims, to which I pointed out that the Freedom and Justice Party’s Facebook page invited followers to go bust up some churches — and we know for a fact Gen. Al-Sisi was not doing the church-burning.