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Can We Celebrate Something Beautiful for a Change?

Only in America could Nina Davuluri win a beauty pageant.  And she has won some major pageants now.

I mean that literally. Only in America. Davuluri is “is probably too dark skinned to win a beauty pageant in India!” That’s where her parents emigrated from.

India still has a caste system. America still aspires to be a melting pot, when our leaders aren’t busy using “multiculturalism” to divide us and engorge themselves on power.

We now have two governors and a Miss America who are of Indian descent. Nikki Haley and Bobby Jindal are incredible people.

We also have geographically and ethnically challenged racist twits who attack them and the new Miss America, but those racist twits usually get called out (though they still run the Democratic parties in Louisiana and South Carolina, at least).

I know, I know, if I care about the Miss America pageant (truth be told, I don’t) as a conservative I’m supposed to like the gun-toting military Miss Kansas. I do like Miss Kansas, though that tattoo was a huge mistake.



Tattoos can be done tastefully. That one isn’t. Not only is it way too large, it’s the frickin’ Serenity Prayer.


It’s folk wisdom graffiti that belongs on a dentist’s office wall, not indelibly inked on a person’s rib cage.

But back to the winner.

There she is, Nina Davuluri. Miss America.




You got a problem with that? I don’t.