Zimmerman: No Gun, No Charges

USA Today reports:

Police allowed Zimmerman to go free Monday afternoon after questioning him outside the home where Shellie Zimmerman placed the 911 call. Police Chief Steve Bracknell said Shellie Zimmerman and her father decided not to press charges after consulting with an attorney.

Police deputy chief Colin Morgan said earlier that police held George Zimmerman in “investigative detention” while they investigated the dispute.

A police spokesman said Zimmerman and his wife, who filed for divorce last week, were blaming each other for starting the fight at her father’s home.

Deputy Police Chief Colin Morgan said officers did not recover a gun, and Bracknell said Shellie Zimmerman later dropped her claim that a gun was involved.

“Domestic violence can’t be invoked because she has changed her story and says she didn’t see a firearm,” Bracknell said.


Well, there is that perjury thing.

The dispute “was between him and his wife and her father,” Morgan said. “There were some allegations that there had been an assault, but we could not confirm any of it.”

One gets the feeling that anytime George Zimmerman sneezes, media will be there to report on it and liberals will spring forward behind comment section pseudonyms to denounce him.


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