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CNN Conducts Syria Speech Poll With Only 20 % Republican Sample, Still Can't Get Results It Wants

Reality bites.

Despite the good headline accompanying a CNN instant poll of reaction to President Barack Obama’s address on Syria Tuesday night, the underlying numbers in the poll paint the picture that Obama has still failed to convince a majority of Americans of the need for military action in Syria.
According to the poll, 61% of respondents said that they supported the president’s “position on Syria” — a statement that’s ambiguous, considering the amount of dramatic developments in the situation over the past two days.

But only 47% of respondents said that Obama made a “convincing case” about the need for military action in Syria, compared with 50% who said he didn’t.

Let’s be real, nobody is on board with this hot mess. I did a thirty minute interview with a progressive radio host this morning and all we did was agree with each other the the president is flailing about and mismanaging this at every turn.

The MSM, of course, desperately wants to have something nice to say. Maybe pretending that a twenty percent GOP sample was “representative” was CNN’s way of hoping beyond hope they could get some numbers that weren’t horrible.

There ain’t enough lipstick for that pig, though.