Photo Caption Contest Winners: A Commanding Pose for the Commander-in-Chief?

AFP/Getty Images

AFP/Getty Images

Thanks to all who made our latest contest very popular and competitive. The photo and the elements within did offer some great raw material and you all took full advantage!


We have a Grand Prize Winner, several runner-ups and a host of Honorable Mentions, so let’s begin our award ceremony.

Grand Prize Winner (of great glory and honor, forever and ever.)

RockThisTown — with a perfect caption that captures the moment perfectly:

“I like to think of this desk as the Constitution – something I can wipe my feet on.”

First Grand Prize Winner runner-up is Fortibus with two:

Nobel Peace Prize winner, working on solutions for peace in the Middle East.

Speak in circles and carry a stern finger.

Second Grand Prize Winner runner-up is Zipcode with:

That’s right, I said,  “No boots on the ground” (But a shoe on the desk is permitted.)

Here are the Honorable Mentions (and with the great number of entries we had, this mention is almost like winning).

RockThisTown (who is on a roll) had several:

“I just need Congress to approve dropping a bomb on Syria, you know, like the one that fell on Pearl Harbor.”

This call is being recorded by NSA, for quality non-assurance purposes.

“Hey, I’ve got it! We send Assad a bunch of Chevy Volts . . . they catch on fire, and boom! Problem solved!”

“John, I propose we send more community organizers to Syria.”

Zipcode (again):

Getting a foot hold on the situation!

JK Brown:

Finger guns and feet on desks. (Obama might be President but he’d never make it as a kindergartner or elementary student these days.)

Allan Crowson:


“Hope and Change: I HOPE Congress does something before I CHANGE my mind again.”

“This is the dial tone we’ve been waiting for….”

Fortibus had several honorables:

“What does NYT think I should do?”

“If our strikes end up burning any Korans, will there be riots?”

“This will be my legacy moment. Now that the seas have receded and the planet has cooled, I will bring peace to the Middle East.”

“Tell the Navy to make sure they use green bio-fuel during the air strike.”

President Obama explaining his idea for the combination fight/dance scene in the liberal musical “Mid-East Side Story”.

See you all next time a photo is worthy of a Tatler Photo Caption Contest!

Important Note: Yes, yes, I know PJM’s most popular post by Raymond Ibrahim with the Egyptian media’s portrayal of Obama as Satan would have made an awesome photo caption contest. Not that I don’t trust you all, (but I don’t) and I knew that such a red- hot and horny contest would rage out of control (just like the Middle East itself.)  So I listened to my husband who strongly advised against it. (With no audits thus far, he does not want to push our luck.)

Thanks for understanding and you all have my permission to call me a “spineless wimp.”



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