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Here’s Joe Biden arguing, in 2007, that if the president took the nation to war without congressional authorization, Biden would make it his mission to impeach that president.

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The subject at that time was Iran, which sought and still seeks nuclear weapons. That threat is orders of magnitude greater to the United States and our allies than the threat of Syria’s chemical weapons, some of which it surely obtained from Saddam’s Iraq. Bush didn’t go to war with Iran. When he did go to war with Iraq, he sought and got congressional authorization first, and got UN authorization before leading a coalition of nations into battle.

Obama is pondering going to war with Syria without Congress, the UN or our allies. No coalition, because no one is willing.

Joe Biden has since lied about his Senate votes on both Iraq and Afghanistan, claiming to have voted against both, when in fact he voted for both.

But that’s tangential at this point. The above clip ought to be playing on a loop in the mainstream media, and Biden and Obama both ought to be asked about their statements regarding the Bush-era wars. Both made statements that, if taken seriously, should lead to their own resignations or impeachment if they launch an attack on Syria.

A savvy reporter ought to ask them why, in both the Iran and Syria cases, Obama and Biden have objectively ended up siding with the radical Islamist side. Just as they did in Egypt. And Libya, for that matter.