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Exclusive: Republican Harvey Hilderbran Heats Up Texas Comptroller Bid With Video Targeting the IRS

Texas House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Harvey Hilderbran is aggressively forwarding his bid for comptroller of Texas today with a new video titled “Big Plans.”

In the video, the Kerrville Republican goes straight for a big Washington target, the Internal Revenue Service. The video opens with news clips describing the agency’s admitted abuse of taxpayers, which includes many Texans who organized in Tea Party groups to battle against the Obama agenda. After that set-up, state Rep. Hilderbran introduces himself with a line that’s likely to resonate across Texas:

HILDERBRAN: “Like you, I’m tired of big government liberals.

“All they want to do is hassle Texans and get in our business.

“I’m running for Comptroller because I’ve got a ten-point plan to use this office to protect Texas taxpayers – fight back against big government liberals, in Washington and Austin.

“I’ll fight the IRS.

“Liberals are using the IRS as a weapon against good folks, just because they’re conservative.

“Washington bureaucrats picked on decent, hardworking Texans, leaked private information – I’ll work to stop this abuse.

“The Texas Comptroller and the IRS have a relationship – I’ll make sure it’s a two-way street.

“If the IRS is hassling Texans, I want to know why.”

ANNCR: “A true son of Texas and native of Uvalde, Harvey Hilderbran has been blessed to call West Texas and the Hill Country home.

“And it’s those conservative Texas values, hard work, family, faith in God, and freedom to pursue one’s dreams that have carried Harvey all his life.

“Harvey Hilderbran led the effort to cut over a billion dollars in taxes in the last legislative session.

“Now, he has a ten-point plan, it’s his ‘Performance Pledge’ – and it lays out, in clear language, what he’ll do for us in the Comptroller’s office.”

HILDERBRAN: “It seems the bigger and better Texas gets, the more big government liberals want to get in our business.

“Well I say, that’s got to stop.

“Read my pledge and rest assured, I’ve got your back.”

ANNCR: “Harvey Hilderbran, conservative Republican, for Texas Comptroller.”

You can watch the full video here or click on the image below.


Hilderbran formally launched his campaign for comptroller August 20, joining a crowded field on the Republican side that includes state Sen. Glenn Hegar of Katy, former state Rep. Raul Torres of Corpus Christi, and Debra Medina. The latter is mostly known for flaming out while running for governor in 2010, when she self-destructed on the Glenn Beck Show over her 9-11 Truther beliefs.

Comptroller is one of Texas’ 29 statewide elected offices. Hilderbran and the other candidates are all running to replace Republican Susan Combs, who has been comptroller since 2006 but has announced that she will not seek another term.