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Liberal Media Watchdog That Only Criticizes Fox News Pretends There's No Media Bias

(NOTE: Rather than link to much of this lefty blog nonsense I highlight here I am going to start posting screen shots to avoid giving them the traffic.-SK)

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Too rich.

Media Matters For America exists, per its mission statement, to correct conservative misinformation in U.S. media. Close to one hundred percent of its daily material are about Fox News. There are several conclusions that can be drawn from this, here are a couple.

First, MMFA‘s viewing habits are pretty much the same as everyone else watching cable news-all FNC, all the time.

Second, there isn’t any conservative anything to be found on other television outlets.


So it’s mildly amusing and completely indicative of the lack of intellectual heft among the Soros monkeys that this post thinks the GOP’s disgust with television media and bias all stems from one George Stephanopoulos question during a primary debate last year.

The examples of moderator bias against Republicans in debates from just this century would be lengthy. This bias reached its nadir during the 2012 presidential debates when CNN‘s Candy Crowley breathlessly interjected to defend President Obama and his wholly fabricated Benghazi response story.

The Stephanopoulos “contraception ban” incident was egregious, of course, and definitely deserves inclusion in the Debate Bias Hall Of Shame. MMFA says it was fair because Rick Santorum had mentioned it.


After a reporter asked him about it.

Yet it took center stage as a question to the frontrunner to make it seem as if it were something the Republicans were really thinking about.

What is really happening with this particular post is the classic lefty diversion garbage. The RNC’s general misgivings with the liberal bias of debate moderators are well-founded, but the specific problem in this case involves two Hillary Clinton movies that are in the offing. The timing makes them appear to be exactly what they are: free campaign ads disguised as entertainment. There is absolutely nothing in the recent history of CNN or NBC that would give any rational person reason to believe these projects will be at all critical of Hillary.

The whole affair reeks so badly of impropriety that MMFA‘s founder, David Brock, and other prominent liberal voices have supported the RNC on the issue.

As most progressives have a memory that completely resets every twelve hours or so to be refilled only with relevant talking points of the day, the Brock support is long forgotten (there is also the very real possibility that even MMFA writers don’t read their own site, where it was originally reported). So rather than admit that the evil Earth killing GOP has a point, they have to make something up.

Which they do very well.