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Grocery Bills Too High? Blame The Climate Cultists

You’ll starve before the sea levels rise.

As bad as these laws are, however, they can’t explain the recent spike in domestic food prices because the trade restrictions are decades-old. That blame instead falls on a wicked combination of other federal policies.

Perhaps the biggest offender is the government’s continued support for ethanol, particularly through the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), which requires refiners to add increasing amounts of biofuels to gasoline.

After the RFS became law in 2006, ethanol production capacity — and demand for corn feedstock — exploded, thus creating a domino effect of price increases from corn to other staple crops to meat, poultry and dairy, and finally to Americans’ grocery bills.

Indeed, the Congressional Budget Office concluded in 2009 that U.S. ethanol policy was responsible for up to 15% of the total increase in domestic food prices, and benefited a small cabal of farmers and biofuel producers at the expense of American families and the economy more broadly.

This is what you get when you combine a religion masquerading as “science” with a farming state that ranks 30th out of 50 in population having a disproportionate early say in presidential elections. We will never get the leftists to see any downside to their fantasy policies, however. They’ve been perfectly content for decades to kill a million Africans (mostly children) a year just to save a few birds from the horrors of DDT.

These people are not well.