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Photo Caption Contest Winners: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie — Hot or Not?


Thanks to all who entered our latest photo caption contest based on a new Quinnipiac University poll that I referred to as a “steaming pile of poll dung.”

The poll ranked politicians “heat index” and then translated that into a high or low favorable ranking with voters. NJ Governor Chris Christie was the winner, followed closely by Hillary Clinton.

In my humble opinion, your entries for this contest ranked among the most hilarious and clever in the glorious history of Tatler Photo Caption Contests.

In fact, there was so much great material, that I would not be surprised if, in the future, you hear some of these one-liners used on late night comedy shows.

But all this brilliance created havoc for the contest judges, because trying to select just one winner was way above their pay grade. Therefore, the best they could do is provide a list of winners grouped by their authors. (As you know it’s really hard to find good help these days!)

Let’s begin with our reigning Caption King Chris Henderson’s three winners:

He’s so hot if he had a son he’d look like the Sun.

He’s so hot he can’t comment on the New York Mayoral Race or it will cause a “Weiner Roast.

He’s so hot he sweats like Obama giving a speech without his teleprompter.

Next is ZipCode who also wins a special award for quantity as well as quality.

He’s so hot that, His opponents would like to put him on the back burner.

He’s so hot that, Most of the things he does are [well done]

He is just burning to set the Presidential race on fire.

He’s so hot, even his opponents are starting to sweat!

He must be hot, All of his security guards are retired Fireman!

Your looking at his signature heat WAVE!

He’s so hot that, Bloomberg thinks he’s packing heat!

He don’t take any heat from anybody, He radiates his own.

RockThisTown weighed in with these winners:

He’s so hot . . . Anthony Weiner is sexting again to prove he’s hotter.

He’s so hot . . . Mexico agreed to put up a border wall as a heat shield.

He’s so hot . . . dogs were avoiding the shade he provides.

He’s so hot . . . the sun called him for advice.

He’s so hot . . . Al Gore called a press conference blaming him for global warming.

He’s so hot . . . Tesla signed him up to fuel a steam-powered car.

He’s so hot . . . the IRS breathed a sigh of relief that heat was focused elsewhere.

He’s so hot . . . Obamacare classified him as a pre-existing condition it doesn’t cover.

Finally there’s JRSWINE with these winners:

He’s so hot he makes Rand Paul and Ted Cruz look really cool!

And the cleverest caption of all:

He’s so hot he has trouble fitting into his new jersey.   (Let’s hear a badda-bing for that one!)

Thanks again to all who played along and see you next time a photo is worthy of a Tatler Photo Caption Contest.