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Pelosi: What, You Expect Me to Know Things?

This quote is buried in the Washington Times’ piece on the Democrats’ multiple scandals:

Mrs. Pelosi has refused to comment on the Filner matter. She and Mr. Filner were co-founders of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, but last week she snapped at reporters who mentioned that, saying, “Don’t identify him as my former colleague.

“What goes on in San Diego is up to the people of San Diego,” Mrs. Pelosi said. “I’m not here to make any judgments — or even be fully versed on what happened.”

I know, I know, it shouldn’t be astonishing or even surprising when a Democrat goes into Sgt. Schultz mode. But it still is. They’re not only the party of corruption, they’re the party of ridiculous excuses. Those scandals that President Obama called “phony” yesterday” are all very serious. Two of them — Fast and Furious and Benghazi — have actual body counts. Obama himself said he was “outraged” about the IRS scandal when it first broke. Now he says it’s “phony.” It may be the most serious and dangerous scandal in American history, that’s all. Obama’s administration feigned or considered prosecuting reporters for doing their jobs. That’s a phony scandal?

Pelosi’s excuse to escape commenting about Filner is hilariously bizarre and dishonest. San Diego Mayor Bob Filner has been in the headlines lately for abusing women. Saying dirty things to them at work. Touching them inappropriately. Telling them not to wear underwear — at work. He has been doing this for years and years. If the allegations are true, and the number of witnesses now arrayed against him plus his own “I’m a hugger!” confession strongly suggest that they are, the man is a first class dirtbag.

Pelosi and Filner were only colleagues for 20-odd years, that’s all. They also hail from the same state and they’re co-founders of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. Is it possible that Pelosi never heard about any of this behavior? Ever?

Well, don’t ask Nancy Pelosi about Bob Filner, because she knows nothing! Nothing! She’s not even in Washington to know anything.