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Facebook Follies Continue

In today’s exciting episode, Mike Williamson has had the same postings removed again for which Facebook apologized.

they re-removed the same posts…and this is AFTER they apologized for removing them.  This deserves a Wikipedia entry…

Banned for 24 hours this time.



We Removed Something You Posted


We removed this from Facebook because it violates our Community Standards:
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    We Removed Something You Posted
    We removed this from Facebook because it violates our Community Standards:
    I think we can be bigger than the niggardly diggers looking for reasons to be offended. Post with vigor about chiggers and riggers and giggers.~~~~BWUAHAHAhahahahaha

    But not banned this time. Yet.

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    Chiggers are almost as irritating as Congressmen or Facebook.
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    I understand facebook likes chiggers. I don’t. It’s nothing personal. I believe chiggers have a right to exist. I believe nature has a reason for chiggers. I have never suggested chiggers are less respectable than other arthropods, or that they’re not entitled to exactly the same treatment as others. I just don’t like them personally.And if one were to attack me, I would feel perfectly justified in killing it in self defense.




You’re Temporarily Blocked From Posting


Because this is your second warning, you won’t be able to post anything on Facebook for 24 hours.
Note that your account could be permanently disabled if you continue to post things that violate our terms.



 I got a reply from Facebook (on background, so I can’t quote them directly) that said they’d already apologized about the Williamson thing, that the “Kill Zimmerman” pages were allowed because he’s a public figure and so the pages are covered under their fair comment policy, and that they have a robust reporting infrastructure with which they encourage people to report offensive posts.

They didn’t answer my fourth question.  I’ve enquired about the new Williamson block and will update when I hear more.