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Ken Blackwell Unloads on Obama: He is a 'Fraud as a Uniter'

Ken Blackwell unloaded on President Barack Obama today on the Andrea Tantaros Show.

“Unfortunately, President Obama is a fraud as a uniter,” said former Cincinnati mayor and former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, who is black. He proceeded to dismantle Obama’s Friday remarks on the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting of Trayvon Martin.

“He has been an inconsequential leader of the United — underscore United States of America,” Blackwell told Tantaros. “My largest, most significant takeaway from his speech Friday is that he has misspent the political capital that he amassed in 2008 and the beginning of 2009. And he dashed the great expectations that people had in him. An increasing number of Americans have grown tired of divisive politics that have defined people by the narrow interests of race and ethnicity.”

The Republican Blackwell added that he agrees with Tavis Smiley on one thing — that Barack Obama has been ineffective. Blackwell disagrees with Smiley’s belief that America remains a racist nation. “We’re not a racist nation,” Blackwell said. “When the cases of George Zimmerman and Skip Gates become the most celebrated examples of racism in America, most reasonable people see how contrived that racist label is proven to be.”

Blackwell also diagnosed how Obama won the presidency. “His true successes in 2008 and 2012 were built on not the politics of multiplication and addition but on the politics of division and subtraction. As a consequence, this president is continuing to undo American exceptionalism, an American exceptionalism that in 230-odd years moved us from the institution of slavery to having a black President of the United States of America. No other nation on the face of the earth and I would say in all of human history has seen that sort of transformation. And this president doesn’t get the joke. He doesn’t understand the basis, the foundation, of American exceptionalism and what we have seen throughout his presidency is a guy that is committed to fundamentally transforming America as he promised a week before his election in 2008.” Blackwell added that Obama’s actions since his election make it clear that he does want to transform our market economy into a government command economy, while doing away with individual freedom so that government can become more and more powerful over Americans’ daily lives.

Listen to the entire interview here.

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