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Eliot Spitzer Lied About Voting in 2012

If being a public law enforcement official while also being a serial law breaker doesn’t sink Eliot Spitzer, maybe a simple lie will do the trick.

Eliot Spitzer failed to vote in last year’s presidential election — just four days after penning a column proclaiming “Why I Am Voting for Barack Obama,” The Post has learned.

Records filed with the city Board of Elections show that while some voters waited hours to cast their ballots, Spitzer was a no-show at his Upper East Side poll site on Nov. 6, 2012.

Nor did he submit an absentee ballot available to those who can’t vote in person. A spokeswoman said Spitzer couldn’t make it to the polls because he had to high-tail it to San Francisco to serve as a paid co-anchor of Current TV’s round-table election coverage.

Well at least he had his priorities in order. It was far more important to sit beside Chakra Khan Al Gore bloviating on a channel that would soon be sold to Al Jazeera than to do something as mundane as casting a vote that better men and women have died to guarantee the right to cast.

Just four days before the election, in an article posted on the Slate magazine Web site, Spitzer professed the importance of civic engagement and spoke of the crucial issues at stake in the presidential contest.

“We’ve heard all the promises, excuses, smart lines and grotesque misrepresentations. Now it’s time to choose,” Spitzer declared in the column.

Eliot Spitzer chose not to vote at all.

The man is a sociopath. But apparently, that’s a good thing to New York voters.