Texas House Passes Late-Term Abortion Ban with Women Leading the Way

After a day of debate and another classy move by the pro-Planned Parenthood side, the Texas House passed HB2 last night. The vote wasn’t close — 98-49. Five Democrats joined all but one of the Republicans in voting for the measure.


The bill was sponsored in the House by state Rep. Jodie Laubenberg from Parker. In case her name isn’t a giveaway, Laubenberg is a woman.

This photo was snapped during last night’s debate.


Starting over on the left side, state Reps. Stefani Carter of Dallas, state Rep. Stephanie Klick of Fort Worth, Laubenberg, state Rep. Linda Harper-Brown of Irving, and state Rep. Cindy Burkett of Dallas. They all supported the bill. Carter is running for Texas Railroad Commission, a statewide agency that actually governs energy, not trains. During yesterday’s action, she tweeted.


It’s kind of a mystery why the mainstream media keep lauding state Rep. Wendy Davis (D-Ft. Worth) while pretending that Laubenberg, Carter, et al don’t exist. And by “mystery” I mean it’s perfectly obvious why the media pretend those women don’t exist: They disrupt the narrative.

The bill now moves to the state Senate, where it is championed by state Sen. Donna Campbell. Campbell is an emergency room physician in central Texas. She’s the woman in yellow in this photo. The mainstream media have yet to write up a report on her shoes.


I snagged this photo from Dr. Campbell’s Facebook page, where she captioned it “Standing with women who stand for life!” In the parlance of the Texas Democrats and their “war on women,” these ladies are all traitors, or they’re not women. Or they don’t exist at all.


A curious pattern has emerged with respect to Dr. Campbell’s sponsorship of the late-term abortion bill. Rather than acknowledge that she is a medical doctor, pro-abortion activists have taken to insulting her by calling her an ophthalmologist. The activists may not be aware that ophthalmology is one of the more difficult specialties within medicine and does not equal optometry.

Then again, the pro-abortion side has chosen to wield careless insults throughout the debate. They’re standing with a greedy, dishonest, abusive corporate welfare queen — Planned Parenthood — to fight against a reasonable and modest bill that the majority of Texans, women and men, support.

Update: Meanwhile, the Texas Democrats haven’t updated their abortion tactics since circa 1977.


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