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Lawless Tim Kaine: Keep Submitting Voting Changes to Eric Holder

Last week the Supreme Court invalidated the preclearance regime of the Voting Rights Act. It ruled that the coverage formulas were outdated and 15 states no longer needed approval from Washington D.C. for any election change.

The lawless response of Virginia Democrat Sen. Tim Kaine?

States should keep submitting changes to Eric Holder anyhow.  Law doesn’t matter. Northern Neck News:

In another official statement, U.S. Senator Tim Kaine (D-Va) said: “The Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the validity of the Voting Rights Act preclearance requirement but specify that Congress must grapple anew with the appropriate geographic application of the technique raises serious concerns, particularly with regard to how voting rights will be protected in the interim in places where discrimination still exists.”

Kaine added: “I would advocate that jurisdictions continue to submit voting changes to the Department of Justice for preclearance as a sign to their own constituents that they are committed to ensuring equal voting rights.”

This is typical of the lawlessness that infests the DOJ Voting Section, where law is a mere suggestion, not a rule.  The idea that states and localities would continue to subject themselves to DOJ power and abuse shows that Democrats like Kaine are less interested in the Constitution and more interested in preserving power in Washington D.C.