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Assad to Morsi: Mind the People's Wishes and Step Down!

When dictators make a funny (from the AP):

The Syrian regime, which is seeking to crush a more than two-year revolt against its own rule, is urging Egypt’s president to step down in line with his people’s wishes.

Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi says the only way Egypt can overcome its crisis is if President Mohammed Morsi realizes that the overwhelming majority of the Egyptian people reject his presence and want him out.

Al-Zoubi told reporters in Damascus Wednesday that Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood is a “terrorist” organization and a “U.S. tool.”

Morsi last month enraged Syrian officials by announcing he was severing ties with Damascus and closing its embassy in the Syrian capital.

The Syrian uprising began because Syrians who wanted to follow in the footsteps of other oppressed Arab Spring countries rose up in peaceful protest against Assad but were met with snipers, artillery fire, air attacks and chemical weapons.

While the cable news networks are obsessed with the George Zimmerman trial, you can at least follow Tahrir Square via the Reuters livestream.