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Texas Abortion Protesters Hijack 'Amazing Grace'

A source in the Texas capitol emails:

I’m here at the capitol for a bit today and have been taking photos when I can of the crowd at the capitol.

There are more DPS and security here than I think I’ve ever seen (thank goodness). The pro-abortion crowd is yelling and chanting and even hi-jacked Amazing Grace. Our prolifers were singing it in the rotunda, then the pro-abortion activists started singing “Amazing Texas Women” over them.

Hijacking “Amazing Grace.” Who does that?

Setting the corruption of one of the most beautiful hymns of faith ever written aside, it’s dishonest. As I have pointed out, and as is obvious, not all women in Texas agree with the stark Planned Parenthood/Wendy Davis position on SB5 (HB2). The bill’s sponsor is a woman, and one of its champions in the Senate is Dr. Donna Campbell. The person who sent me this email, by the way, is also a woman.

The Democrats’ entire “stand with Texas women” and “stand with women” schtick is demagoguery and disingenuous bunk. They stand with some women, and against others. There are men there at that protest. Why isn’t the Texas Democratic Party claiming to stand with any of them?

For what it’s worth, “Amazing Grace” was written by John Newton. Newton was a former slave trader who later repented and became a minister and abolitionist. Some compare today’s pro-life movement to the abolition movement of the 19th Century, with former abortionists like Carol Everett and “Jane Roe,” aka Norma McCorvey, leading after repenting.

It’s fitting, then, that today’s lawless protesters explicitly rejected grace in favor of a lie.

Update: What else would you expect a bunch of socialists and communists to do?