Almost Half of Uninsured Unaware of ObamaCare Mandate

I present for your own bemused schadenfreude, about 20 million or so low-information voters who will get quite the education on January 1:

A new Gallup poll shows that many uninsured Americans aren’t aware of the individual mandate, which may be an unwelcome surprise next year.

“The vast majority of Americans, 81%, say they are aware of the 2010 Affordable Care Act’s (ACA’s) requirement that most Americans must carry health insurance or pay a fine,” wrote Jeffrey Jones of Gallup. “Americans who are currently uninsured — those most directly affected by this requirement — are much less likely to be aware of the provision, with 56% saying they know about it and 43% saying they are unaware.”

The main reason uninsured Americans don’t have health coverage is, according to Gallup, predominately because the can’t afford it.


Can’t afford it? The official IRS response is, “Tough.” You might want to familiarize yourself with all 73 pages of IRS regulations regarding the tax-not-a-tax mandate. It’s extra amusing that IRS compliance with the Paperwork Reduction Act takes of a page-and-a-half all by itself.


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