Of Course the Washington Post Uses an Unflattering Image of Michele Bachman In Its 'Hottest Women in Politics' List (Updated)

So. Boringly. Predictable.

Here’s the pic that the Post’s Eric Golub uses for Bachmann as he names her the #1 hottest woman in politics of 2013.


After the Tardasil fiasco I’m not Bachmann’s biggest fan. But this isn’t about her. It’s about a frivolous media that behaves like a snake in the grass 24/7.


First of all, Golub’s list on the conservative side doesn’t even include Andrea Tantaros, Michelle Fields, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Dana Perino, or many others who merit inclusion. That’s no quibble with any who do make the the list, which is subjective, just an observation that it’s incomplete.

By the way, Jodi Arias as a “centrist?” She’s not even in politics. She’s in prison for homicide. Very, very weird choice. Might as well throw Lois Lerner in there too. Wait, Eric Golub pleads the Fifth on whether she’s more attractive than Holly Paz.

On the other side, the liberals’ list shows an obvious effort to, um, make something out of nothing, if you know what I mean.

As for the Bachmann pic used to honor her #1 status, it’s not even the worst pic of Bachmann that mainstream media have used against her. Newsweek won that honor with its crazy eyes cover in 2011.


She’s crushing your atoms…with her mind.

This is what liberals do to conservative women, resting assured that they will never ever be accused of waging any wars on women. Even though they wage war on conservative women 24/7/365.

The Post cannot claim that it was forced into using an unflattering image of Rep. Bachmann. A two-second Google Image Search turns up this image of the congresswoman.


> on December 10, 2009 in Washington, DC.

And this one was already in our image archive here.


She’s happy, she’s glamorous, and she skins liberals alive. What’s not to love?

Instead of these or many other images showing her looking like she looks in real life, the Post gives us Skeletor Bachmann in poor lighting in the midst of a speech, with the muscles and wrinkles drawn in contrast to make her look vaguely cadaverous, and holds up that image up as the example of the hottest conservative woman of the year.


You stay classy, Washington Post.

Update: As it turns out, I got some things wrong in this post. Eric Golub isn’t a liberal, he’s a conservative. So the Bachmann pic wasn’t intended to be unflattering. It isn’t a great pic, and there are many better ones available. Nevertheless, I apologize to Eric Golub for reading him wrong. It was my fault entirely.


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