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Obama Scandals Wreck Left-Wing Groups' Claims to Want 'Fairness'

Why are groups like LULAC and the NAACP so concerned with congressional districting in a red state like Texas, but not at all concerned with the lines in blue states? That’s what the Texas-based Conservative Hispanic Society’s executive director Chris Salcedo wants to know. Salcedo, who has frequently written for PJM, recently testified on Texas redistricting. He witnessed the allegedly non-partisan LULAC and NAACP clearly going to bat to carve out racially biased, presumably Democrat-lock seats. Salcedo recounts his experience in a statement to the CHS.

I attended and testified at the Texas redistricting hearing in Dallas.  For our members out of state, some extreme left-wing groups are not happy with the lines that were drawn in 2012 in response to the latest census.  They alleged “racism” in the drawing of the districts, saying they want Hispanic districts and Black districts instead.   A couple of these extreme left-wing groups are LULAC and NAACP.  I derive no pleasure from reporting this.  These groups come from noble beginnings, but have evolved into overtly political operations that only cater to those who share BOTH their ideology and race.   I’m sure many of their members were present at this meeting.   Many of the liberal politicians sucked up the public’s speaking time by bloviating their own positions.  Once the public was allowed to speak, I watched conservatives both African American and Hispanic testify in favor of the 2012 lines.  In turn, I saw the liberal members of the committee doing their best to discredit, malign and confuse those testifying.  This happened when I spoke as well.  I was astonished as the GOP members of the panel just sat there, like bumps on a log.  That’s when it hit me. They were afraid of being seen as racists for opposing the extreme left-wing agenda of LULAC and the NAACP.  I’M DONE!  I’ll not allow these groups, that work to undermine our Constitution, go unchallenged anymore.  They’ll not get a free pass from me.  Even though these groups claim to represent ALL Hispanics and ALL blacks, I know LULAC won’t defend Ted Cruz, Bill Flores, Marco Rubio or me because we’re conservative Hispanics.  I know the NAACP won’t defend Justice Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Herman Cain or Dr. Benjamin Carson, because they don’t share the NAACP’s liberal agenda.  I’LL NOT ALLOW THESE EXTREME LIBERAL GROUPS TO HIDE THEIR IDEOLOGY BEHIND THEIR RACE ANY LONGER!  I know, and you know, there’s nothing left-wing about being black.  And there’s certainly nothing LIBERAL about being LATINO.  The days of kowtowing to these groups, are over.

To its credit, LULAC did once sue the Texas Democratic Party over its biased method of handling its primary-caucus nominating regime. That system handed Barack Obama more delegates despite Hillary Clinton getting more actual votes in 2008. But more recently, LULAC sued Harris County (Houston area) for attempting to clean up its voter rolls. That lawsuit is pretty much a Texas Democratic Party operation, at least in spirit. They sued Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector Don Sumners in 2012:

“The actual allegations in the lawsuit, for the most part, cover the same accusations of the Texas Democratic Party suit of 2008,” Sumners said in a statement. “After months of discovery and the taking of multiple depositions, the lawsuit was resolved when the Democratic Party was unable to produce a single person who had been illegally denied the right to register and vote.”