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There's Something Odd About Terry McAuliffe's 'Long-Time Virginia Republican Supporters'

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe is touting a pair of “long-time Republican supporters” today in an attempt to project himself as a bipartisan leader. His reputation as a hard-edge partisan flim-flam man and Clintonista did not help him last time he ran for elective office; he was humiliated in the 2009 Virginia Democratic primary.

Today, McAuliffe is touting endorsements from “long-time Virginia Republicans” Earle Williams and Dwight Schar.

But there are problems with both of McAuliffe’s “long-time Republicans.”

Earle Williams supported Democrat Mark Warner’s run for Virginia governor in 2001, according to the Hampton Roads Daily Press, which wrote at the time:

“Counted among the Republicans in Virginians for Warner are two people intimately familiar with the GOP — Judy Peachee Ford and Earle Williams. Williams sought the GOP nomination for governor eight years ago but lost to George Allen.”

So Mr. Williams has a habit of being a Republican who actually supports Democrats. It’s far from a shock that he’s going for McAuliffe this time around.

How about Dwight Schar?

Well, over the last several years there is evidence Mr. Schar  has claimed someplace other than Virginia as home. In 2008, according to FloridaVoterFile he was registered to vote and cast his votes in Florida, going back to the 2004 general election.

Schar FL Voter Reg

But also in 2008, Schar listed McLean, Virginia as his home while bundling donations for the McCain campaign, according to


Going back to 2005, Schar contributed to Rep. Vern Buchanan’s congressional campaign. Buchanan serves Florida’s 13th district. And Mr. Schar listed Palm Beach, FL as his home.

Schar Buchanan Donation

In 2011, Mr. Schar is back to claiming Virginia* as his residence, on a donation to George Allen’s campaign.

Schar Allen Donation

But in 2012, Schar listed Florida as his home on a donation to the Restore Our Future PAC.

Why list more than one state on one’s political donations as “home?” Is Terry McAuliffe’s “long-time Virginia Republican supporter” even eligible to vote for him in Virginia?

*Correction: He even listed Florida on the Allen donation.