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Reuters Meets With Holder On The Record Then Says Absolutely Nothing About It

There is no “there” there…yet.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder loosened his rules for speaking with media editors on Friday during a second day of meetings with them about his Justice Department’s handling of investigations that involve reporters, the editors said.

Representatives from Reuters and ABC News met with Holder, the chief U.S. law enforcement officer, and his staff following recent disclosures that federal prosecutors seized records from two other media outlets without advance notice.

A Reuters spokeswoman had said on Thursday that the news agency would not take part in any discussion that was “off the record,” meaning its contents could not be recorded or reported.

Read the whole thing. All you will get out of it is, yes, a meeting took place. All of that “Blah, blah…” about only attending if it were on the record and still they don’t report on what actually happened.

Good doggies…