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Student Suspended For Toy Gun The Size Of A Quarter

When you add liberalism, political correctness, and gun control monomania, you’ll get a toxic combination of absurdity. In the very blue state of Massachusetts, one six-year-old was suspended over a toy gun about the size of a quarter.  Do you hear that? It’s common sense going down the drain.

Jason Howerton at the Blaze wrote on May 29 that:

A 6-year-old kindergarten student in Massachusetts is accused of causing a “disturbance” and “traumatizing” other students by bringing a very tiny plastic toy gun on the school bus last week.

The “gun” brandished by the young boy was barely bigger than a quarter.

The child’s mother, Mieke Crane, told WGGB-TV that school officials at Old Mill Pond Elementary in Palmer, Mass., seriously overreacted after another student saw the toy and told the bus driver on Friday.

The driver said the 6-year-old “caused quite a disturbance” and left other children “traumatized,” according to Crane.

The student has written an apology note to the bus driver, but Howerton noted this isn’t an isolated incident.

In April, The Blaze first reported that a New York father had his pistol license revoked after his son and two of his classmates talked about going to a boy’s house with a water gun, “paint gun” and a BB gun. School officials called police and apparently felt they had enough cause to revoke John Mayer’s handgun license.

In March, a 7-year-old boy was suspended from school for chewing a breakfast pastry into a shape that somewhat resembled a gun. The boy maintained he didn’t mean to make his food look like a gun.

In January, a Philadelphia fifth-grader was scolded and even searched in front of her entire class for pulling out a piece of paper that was torn into a gun-like shape. A school administrator reportedly yelled at her while other students called her a “murderer.”

Also in January, a 5-year-old girl was suspended for ten days and reportedly labeled a “terrorist threat” for threatening to shoot her friend with a toy bubble gun.

And the list goes on and on.

With crackdowns on toy soldiers on cupcakes, Pop Tart guns, and toy bubble guns, when does this madness stop?

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