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Flailing: Obama To Start Babbling About Closing Gitmo Again

Hey, keep throwing stuff at the wall and something is bound to stick.

The Obama administration is set to restart transfers of detainees from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, U.S. officials said, kick-starting a long-stalled drive to close the prison.

In a speech Thursday, President Barack Obama will reassert his case that closing Guantanamo is crucial to U.S. counterterrorism goals. While he isn’t planning to detail how to speed up transfers from the prison, officials said the president in coming weeks plans to lift the administration’s prohibition on sending detainees to Yemen.

The president also is set to lay down the broader outlines of his administration’s approach to efforts to fight al Qaeda and its affiliates, including through the use of unmanned aircraft strikes.

Gone are the halcyon post-inauguration days when the breathless sycophants in the media were sure both comprehensive gun-grabbing and immigration would be done deals or well on their way to happening by now. The Court of the Idiot King is scandal plagued and in disarray so why not dig deep for an old favorite to throw at the faithful?

Maybe he can fire up the old “policies of the previous administration” line too, since that is always a hit at the Low Info dance.