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The Bengazi Inbox

Yahoo is doing a nice service re the Benghazi emails that the White House released last night. As released they were difficult to process. Many were smudged making them hard to read. Having them all in an unsearchable PDF made them difficult to cross reference.

Yahoo is digitizing all of them and creating an interactive that works like an email inbox. You can click through and see which email was sent when, and by whom. Check it out.

Only about 25% of the emails have been digitized and included so far. But just looking at the inbox at this point, two things are apparent. Tommy Vietor, the loyalist bus driver who became Obama’s national security spokesman, is the one who looped the State Department into the talking points discussion. That’s in the 9/14/2012 email sent at 6:21 PM. It’s after that that State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland has a conversation with her “building’s leadership” and comes back with substantive edits to the CIA’s talking points.

h/t Drew M.