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Associated Press, Why Do You Keep Carrying Obama's Water?


On its front page, the Associated Press says that it is protesting the Department of Justice’s seizure of its phone records. But in its news coverage, the AP is still associating itself with Democrat talking points.

By now, everyone who has paid any attention knows that budget cuts had nothing to do with the terrorist attack in Benghazi. The State Department’s Charlene Lamb testified to that fact, after Democrats raised the question months ago.

But take a look at how the AP reports President Obama’s remarks today regarding Benghazi and embassy security.


Below that, a story that quotes the president notes how much money the State Department wants to upgrade security, and this:

Since the attack, Democrats have complained that Republicans cut $300 million from the Obama administration’s budget request of $2.6 billion for diplomatic and embassy security in 2012.

Nothing — at all — about the fact that a senior State Department official, Deputy Assistant Secretary Charlene Lamb, testified that budget cuts and finances had nothing to do with the attacks, or the denials to upgrade security in the months leading up to it.

The AP may need to spend some time in a battered media shelter, to get away from the man it still obviously loves.