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WaPo Idiot: Only Thing Wrong With Obamacare Is That Republicans Don't Like It

Sure, that’s the problem.

In other words, this isn’t a big deal. Still, it feeds into ongoing anxiety over the Affordable Care Act and its implementation. As the New York Times reports, several House and Senate Democrats are worried they will pay a political price if mistakes are made and voters begin to see new costs. Senator Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire notes that small businesses in her state are unsure of how to comply with the law, while Tom Harkin of Iowa is upset with the decision to direct funds away from public health prevention programs and toward efforts to promote the law.

If the Affordable Care Act had buy-in from Congress as a whole — and not just Democrats — this wouldn’t be a problem. Everyone would worry about the politics of implementation, and to avoid problems, everyone would work to ensure a smooth transition. As it stands, however, Republicans are still looking for ways to undermine and derail the law, hence the failed attempt this week to direct $4 billion from implementation to fund high-risk insurance program that even Republicans admit isn’t particularly good.

The GOP’s idea is that Democrats will take the blame for any hiccups in Obamacare, even if they’re the result of Republicans’ policy choices. It’s a sound plan: Voters aren’t concerned with the details of process, they just want to know that something works.

That’s the gist of this little trip into insanity-the only problems with Obamacare are ones of perception that may show up because of an improper rollout. There are already real American dollar values associated with this legislative monstrosity but, hey, let’s ignore those and pretend they wouldn’t be real if we just got to the part where they hit in a more graceful fashion.

The champions of this law are emotionally invested in it and pay no attention to the fact that most of the guarantees made by the president during the nonexistent, but often cited, “debate” leading up to its passage have already been proven to be garbage.

Unfortunately, while these statist propagandists have the press on their side they can keep blaming the Republicans for everything, no matter how absurd.