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Rep. Peter King Blasts Media, Says 'War on Obesity,' Other Pet Causes have Taken Focus Off the War on Terrorism

Appearing on the Andrea Tantaros Show today, New York Rep. Peter King (R) described the current state of the investigation into the Boston marathon bombing. Three died and nearly 200 were injured by the two bombs that were set to detonate at the finish line of the world’s oldest marathon.

Near the end of the interview, host Andrea Tantaros asked King “Do we have our eye on the ball, in Washington DC? Because I hear this ‘war on obesity’ in New York, and then I hear in DC they’re talking about all these other issues. We’re trying to rush though an immigration bill, when we don’t know how this person committed the crime, let alone who this person is. Are our priorities out of whack?”

King answered, “I think they are. I still think the main issue has to be the war against terrorism, or the terrorists’ war against us. For instance, last fall the president said we can now turn to Asia because al Qaeda has been decimated. That’s just untrue. Al Qaeda is more dangerous than it was prior to 9-11 because it’s morphed and metastasized. And they have spread all over the world, and they are also using people under the radar screen. They’re not going for the large-scale attack anymore, they’re going for the smaller attack where they can kill or wound several hundred people.”

King continued, “Whether it was al Qaeda or whoever, terrorist groups now realize that they can’t come in from the outside but they can come from within and that requires more intelligence. It involves more scrutiny, which is why the New York Times and the Associated Press going after the NYPD, what they’ve done in New York is absolutely disgraceful.”

King was referring to media treatment of the New York Police Department after it was revealed that it had been monitoring mosques and imams in the area. In February 2013, the New York Times published an editorial blasting police for the surveillance.

Listen to King’s entire interview here.

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