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For Brave New World, Just Add Gun Control

In my book Four Hundred Years of Gun Control, I examine historical research that consistently shows how gun control benefits those in power. Of course, those with the power also control the money. Recent news reports prove once again that even should America experience civilian disarmament, the “1%” won’t be affected.

The Christian Science Monitor reports how residents of Oakland, California’s “wealthy enclaves” have hired private security in response to the decline of the Oakland Police Department. As Oakland’s finances diminished, they laid off cops despite “struggling with one of the highest murder rates in the nation.” While these private guards are unarmed—California leads the country in gun control—it nevertheless reflects the new trend of private guards patrolling neighborhood streets, instead of just shopping malls and gated communities.

In Houston, Texas:

A Houston-based company with offices in London and Dubai that helps protect cargo ships from pirates is now helping a southwest neighborhood protect itself against common thieves.

These guards are “armed like cops and even have their own K-9 units.” (It’s Texas, not California.) A representative for S.E.A.L. Security claimed they’ve already “saved the [neighborhood] association roughly $200,000, while giving residents added peace of mind.” Burglaries were “cut in half” and they’ve stopped assaults.

A Chicago alderman has proposed allowing private concerns to hire off-duty cops to patrol their properties and neighborhoods.

A philanthropist or business could sponsor a police beat and put more off-duty cops on the streets under a plan being put forth by a downtown Chicago lawmaker on the City Council.

Off-duty officers looking to moonlight could make $30 per hour, with a six-hour minimum shift. The alderman says his proposal “wouldn’t just apply to the city’s more affluent neighborhoods,” but who exactly can afford to spend $262,080 a year for private police protection?

Gun control is about making America safer…for the elites afraid of armed Americans. Since we’re law-abiding and haven’t offered violence to these self-appointed demigods, they should look in the mirror to learn why they’re afraid.