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New Photo Caption Contest: In A Store Window Near The Street Where We Live

My husband was not pleased when I took this photo last Friday night as we were walking by a store window just a few blocks from where we live. He knew what I was up too and he was right!  If you are a follower of this contest you also know about his paranoia regarding potential correspondence from an agency with three letters and/or my solo “vacation” to a “camp” where credit cards and smart phones are confiscated upon entry.

But I am brave (because I have a good accountant and loved it when my parents sent me away to summer camp as a child) and besides, the shirt in question was in a store window in a county and state that Obama won in 2012!

So what me worry?  (Just remembered that I used to read MAD Magazine in summer camp!)

Quite the fine apparel pictured here in our new Tatler Photo Caption Contest, heh?

Sorry that we never made it inside the store to see the price tag on the DOPE t-shirt but I am sure our caption writers will “bend the cost curve” and figure it out.

As you know, our contest rules are strict but made to be broken. All you need to remember is “be nice and stay classy because the media is watching.”

Here are the winners from our last contest in case you missed them and also some heartbreaking news.

Dr. Spin (our in-house A-minus list celebrity judge) is back from his mid-life mountain climbing crisis and unfortunately submitted his winner’s list just a tad too late after I had already posted the results. And, as it turned out, his grand prize winners differed from mine, so tough luck for the real winners who got no glory.

The lesson here is life is unfair and sometime winners lose. Just ask Mitt Romney!


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