President Allergic to Budgeting and Hostile to Business Proclaims April is the Month to Teach Kids to 'Budget Responsibly'

Barack Chutzpah Obama.

President Barack Obama, who has increased the national debt by $53,377 per household, has proclaimed April “National Financial Capability Month,” during which his administration will do things such as teach young people “how to budget responsibly.”

“I call upon all Americans to observe this month with programs and activities to improve their understanding of financial principles and practices,” Obama said in an official proclamation released Friday.

“My Administration is dedicated to helping people make sound decisions in the marketplace,” he said.

“Together, we can prepare young people to tackle financial challenges–from learning how to budget responsibly to saving for college, starting a business, or opening a retirement account,” he said.


Wow. They string all these words together as if they intend them to mean something other than what Obama’s policies and record actually mean. There’s even a section on “Managing Debt and Credit.” Under Obama’s watch, the US has managed to rack up more debt than all previous presidents, and our national credit rating has been downgraded.

And no, this isn’t an April Fool’s Joke. It’s real. Too bad our unsustainable debt and Obama’s lack of a budget are also real.


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