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Hobby Lobby Wins Full Appeals Court Hearing on ObamaCare Mandate Challenge

LifeNews has the story.

The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals today granted Hobby Lobby’s petition for a full hearing on its appeal of a judge’s decision requiring the Christian-owned and operated business to comply with the Obama Administration’s HHS mandate.

The appellate court agreed to an en banc hearing and agreed to place Hobby Lobby’s appeal before the entire court rather than the usual three-judge panel. The full court will now consider whether to halt enforcement of the HHS mandate, which forces Hobby Lobby Stores, to provide and pay for emergency contraceptives, such as the “morning-after pill” and “week-after pill”, in violation of the religious beliefs of its owners, the Green family.


More at the link.

I believe that, between the ObamaCare mandate and the aftermath of the nationwide legalization of gay marriage and the generally anti-Christian disposition of the hard left that dominates the current regime, we’re entering a time in which the American government will persecute Christians. In fact, through the abortifacient mandate, the state is already engaged in a form of persecution by forcing Christian business owners to violate their consciences, or turn over sufficient property in the form of fines that they could face bankruptcy. That’s the choice they face — do what the state orders you to do though it’s against your faith, or surrender your property and lose your livelihood.

How is that not persecution?

Maybe the Hobby Lobby case can slow things down.

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