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Ashley Judd Reads For, but Doesn't Take, the Part of Candidate for the US Senate

Actress who doesn’t live in Kentucky will not run for Senate from Kentucky. Surprising to see her deploy the “spend more time with my family” routine before a scandal could wipe out her campaign, though. That’s a new one.


Ashley Judd has announced via Twitter that she will not run for Senate. “After serious and thorough contemplation, I realize that my responsibilities & energy at this time need to be focused on my family,” she wrote.

Too bad. Google image searches for pics to accompany posts about Judd’s failing Senate run would have been nice breaks from the monotony of blogging about Cyprus and North Korea, assuming either of those entities still exist next year. And she’s such a good actress. Remember her in that movie, about something, eh, a few years back? Some crime or something. You know the one I’m talking about.

Honestly, without IMDB, I’ve got nothing here.

Maybe we can get Sofia Vergara to run for something.

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