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[VIDEO] Jim Messina: Nah, President Obama Never Attacks Fox News and Rush Limbaugh!

Talk Radio Network’s chief investigative reporter Jason Mattera catches up with Obama 2012 campaign manager Jim Messina and asks him why the president and leader of the less-free world keeps on attacking media outlets that he doesn’t like.

Watch Jim Messina lie in his response.

The exchange took place on February 13 in Washington. Mattera introduces himself to Messina and then asks a straightforward question: “Do you think it’s unbecoming of the president to constantly attack Fox News and Rush Limbaugh?”

Obama has attacked both Fox and Limbaugh regularly over the years, as even a cursory search of YouTube can prove. But Messina denies the facts and tries to beat a hasty retreat. Messina claims that Obama is “just answering questions that he got asked.” But over the years Obama has criticized Fox in stump speeches without anyone asking him anything at all. The Obama White House has also threatened a news paper when it published video that he did not like, and CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson told a radio host that White House staff screamed and swore at her over her coverage of Fast and Furious. The Obama White House has even tried to discredit veteran reporter Bob Woodward this year, after he reported that the sequester that Obama was trying to pin on Republicans was actually his idea.

Stick around for the creepshow at the end.

h/t Breitbart

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