New Photo Caption Contest: Bible Series/Obama Look Alike Controversy Is All The Rage

Last night while watching the History Channel’s smash hit series The BibleI noticed that the actor playing the Devil tempting Jesus looked like he was of African decent, but thought nothing of it. Then today I read he is Moroccan and his name is Mehdi Quazzani. This I learned after clicking on the Drudge Report headline: 


Devil in TV show ‘The Bible” bears a striking resemblance to Obama. 

Drudge’s headline took me to a piece in the UK’s  Daily Mail  with this headline:

Why does the devil in ‘The Bible’ look exactly like President Obama?

So now you know how our latest Tatler Photo Caption Contest came about.

Given that some readers might consider this photo comparison to be extremely politically incorrect, I would like to post the following disclaimer:

Photos that are selected for Tatler Photo Caption Contests are usually found on high traffic web sites accompanied by a news story. The subject of this caption contest falls within those parameters.

In other words, “Don’t shoot me” for I am only the messenger. But now as I surf around the web, I noticed this look-alike story has really caught fire on several major pop-culture and news websites. (Devil, hell, fire, get it?)

In fact, my husband just sent me this piece about how the creators of the Bible Series are weighing in on the controversy, thus adding even more fuel to the raging fire.


Since I am the host of this contest, I make the rules that must be obeyed if we are going to hold a contest of this nature.  So along with our standard rule of “be nice and stay classy because the media is watching,” you must also be tasteful and not mean, cruel or fly off the rails of the crazy train.  Got it?

Here again are the winners from our last contest who stayed within our rules. (And that contest also needed a warning label!)

Have fun and remember, “The Devil is the author of confusion.”


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