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The Obama Admin Can Airlift Support, When It Wants To

For those who cite Benghazi as proof the White House’s pratfalls on intelligence, I counter with the Hollywood-White House secret airlift of the First Lady to last night’s Oscars.

Hollywood certainly regarded this as a successful intelligence operation. The planners behind the operation–Academy President Hawk (what better name for an intelligence agent) Koch, Oscar Producers Neil Moran and Craig Zedon–saw themselves in their secret meetings at the White House to work out the logistics as “behaving like the CIA.” The White House colluded in this vocabulary describing the operation as “hush hush.”

Neither Hollywood nor the administration indicates they have even an awareness of their hypocrisy and misspent energy. The Obama campaign anthem, “Yes We Can,” has now become, in the words of Academy president Hawk Koch, “I knew we could do it and we did it.” What a marvel of planning that they could get the First Lady to a meeting of one-percenters.

If only the administration could devote such energy to the problems that plague the rest of us. With Iran and North Korea potentially pointing nuclear missles at us, and unemployment at a record high, the White House measures it success by OPERATION TINSELTOWN.